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Egyptian Cotton Galabeya Scoop Neckline with Soutache and Satin Motif

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Fushia Color Egyptian Cotton Galabeya Scoop Neckline with Purple and Gold Elaborate Soutache design, at neckline, bordered hem and on sleeves. 

Salmon Color Egyptian Cotton Galabeya Scoop Neckline with Satin Motif and Elaborate Soutache design neckline, border hemline and sleeves

Exquisite  light weight Egyptian polished cotton.  Egyptian Cotton that is silky smooth and soft.  Wonderful to wear for just about anything including  Formal, Elegant or Casual needs. 

Direct from Giza, Egypt, known as the "Necropolis" for Royalty of the Old Kingdom of Egypt - rich with traditions and allure and are sure to bring that special feel to any occasion. Let these Luxurious Galabeya's transform you back to a time of Royalty. 

Fushia/ Salmon 

Measurements: Egyptian Sizes
Salmon Medium   Bust 39", Hips 44", Length from back of neck to hem 58"
Fushia Medium  Bust 44", Hips 47" Length 59
Large  Bust 47"  Hips 50" Length 59"

Please keep in mind that these are made in Egypt so each garment could fit a little different. Check your measurements carefully for each garment. As in all garments, allow yourself 2" for give and movement room. Meaning if the garment measures 42" in the bust, you will be comfortable if your measurement is around 40" but not to exceed 42". Of course, all body types are different.  This is offered as a helpful guideline. 

Colors displayed from different cameras and on different computer monitors may vary slightly from the original garment. The description written here is as accurate as possible.